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China Telecom Ensures the Best Call Quality as it Deploys VoLTE at Scale

Spirent selected as the exclusive provider of VoLTE audio test systems

SAN JOSE, CA, USA - September 11, 2017: China Telecom Corporation Limited, one of the world’s largest mobile telephone operators, has selected Spirent Communications (LSE:SPT) to help ensure that handsets are able to deliver superior voice calling quality. Spirent’s Umetrix audio solution is being used to measure the performance of every new smartphone design, and China Telecom has set stringent quality requirements to be met.

To deliver hi-definition digital audio, China Telecom uses VoLTE (Voice over LTE). This technology allows China Telecom to operate a single 4G IP packet network that carries both voice and data. Simplifying network operations makes higher quality and lower cost service possible.

To ensure that smartphone handsets deliver the best possible voice quality, China Telecom tests how well each one carries voice, and how successful they are at establishing and maintaining calls. These tests are performed while simulating realistic network conditions, such as when handsets are moving between cells, when they are in low signal areas, when networks are congested, and while the handset is simultaneously sending and receiving data. Spirent’s Umetrix solution takes key performance indicators (KPI) measurements in a completely automated lab test environment, and in live network field tests to stress handset designs and point out areas for improvement.

“As China Telecom steps up the pace of their VoLTE rollout it is keeping the customer’s quality of experience as the highest priority,” said Simon Wang, Director, Business Development at Spirent. “We are pleased that Spirent has been selected as the exclusive supplier of the VoLTE audio quality test solution for China Telecom and its handset providers.”

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