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SGS Enables CTIA MIMO OTA Test Coverage with Spirent Solution

Sunnyvale, Calif. – August 13, 2015 – With the first release of the CTIA MIMO OTA Test Plan approaching, SGS has selected Spirent’s MIMO OTA solution to prepare their lab for the CTIA certification process.  The Spirent MIMO OTA solution is in full support of the CTIA MIMO OTA Test Plan V1.0 and utilizes the Spirent VR5 Channel Emulator as part of an anechoic chamber solution to enable real-world conditions required to evaluate a device operating in MIMO mode.  

“We continue to build on our partnership with Spirent for OTA testing and view it to be the method of choice for accurately characterizing device and antenna performance for complex technologies such as MIMO,” said Michael Spitzer, Global Wireless Business Development Manager at SGS. “Spirent has been a longstanding contributor to CTIA’s certification and test plan working groups and they have made significant contributions to the CTIA MIMO OTA test plan.” 

SGS is an authorized CTIA laboratory for OTA testing for leading North American wireless carriers and has been a long-term partner with Spirent for A-GNSS OTA testing. The Spirent MIMO OTA solution evaluates the performance of multiple antenna systems enabling SGS to provide network operators with more insight on device performance and how it relates to their service coverage and user experience. 

“The CTIA will be working to expedite validation of the test solutions with the goal of getting a sufficient number of laboratories authorized quickly so that the first MIMO OTA test plan can be enforced for certification and device approvals,” said Ron Borsato, Principal Architect at Spirent Communications and Vice Chair of the CTIA’s OTA Working Group. “As an existing authorized CTIA Test Lab for SISO OTA, SGS is well positioned and can leverage Spirent’s expertise in MIMO OTA testing to ensure they are part of the initial authorized test labs.” 

For more information on Spirent’s MIMO OTA solution, please visit www.spirent.com/Products/MIMO_OTA.

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