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Spirent Tweakker Wins Ground Breaking US Connectivity Deal

Crawley, UK – June 4, 2015 – Spirent Communications’ device intelligence solution Tweakker has been selected by Prepaid Wireless Wholesale (PWW), North America’s largest mobile virtual network enabler /aggregator (MVNE/MVNA). The MVNE/MVNA is offering Tweakker’s device intelligence cloud service to many US-based mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), with Ready Wireless being the first to sign up. 

Like all MVNOs world-wide, the challenge facing these carriers is that devices all have different instructions for programming Data and MMS. With Tweakker’s cloud device intelligence solution, connectivity issues for Data and MMS are a thing of the past. 

When it comes to smartphones, it takes on average three calls costing on average $45 per user to get them on line and to start generating data revenues from use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. As a result, out of the box APN configuration has become a mission-critical requirement for any MVNO and for any MVNE/MVNA platform. Through PWW’s partnership with Tweakker, the firm can solve its MVNOs any APN issue. Tweakker’s device intelligence cloud service that analyzes and configures all handset models from known and unknown handset manufacturers is unmatched in today’s carrier market.

Brandt Mensh, PWW’s President comments: “At PWW, we are continuously working on new, industry leading products to help our MVNOs succeed in the marketplace. The Tweakker program will expedite handsets to the marketplace, and increase ARPU as Data adoption will increase.”

Dennis Juul Poulsen, general manager of Spirent Tweakker, comments: “By partnering with PWW, Spirent Tweakker has the potential to rapidly grow its MVNO footprint in America to at least 800,000 device users. We expect that user base to grow significantly.”

Simply put, Spirent Tweakker enables MVNOs to build brand confidence and better profit from average revenues per user (ARPU). With Tweakker, MVNO’s have no upfront costs; only a monthly fee is charged based on user connectivity numbers.

The Tweakker Device Intelligence Cloud solution uses highly accurate device intelligence data trusted by over 100 carriers. Accurate device data is particularly important in the MVNO segment because many customers bring their own devices into the MVNO’s network (BYOD). 

Spirent is the only Device Intelligence vendor on the market that runs a daily proven in-house verification program for device data, device settings and analytics. Each day, all Spirent’s 100 plus operator customers are provided new verified data, while other device management vendors offer only monthly updates, with hot updates on separate order.

For more information visit: http://tweakker.com/

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