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Digicel Selects Mobilethink to Improve Customer Experience

Crawley, UK – February 17, 2015 – Spirent Communications’ mobile device intelligence business unit, Mobilethink announced today that complete communications and entertainment provider, Digicel, has selected its Device Guides solution to improve service and value propositions. The solution has been deployed in call centers, select retail stores and online to help customers resolve the most common mobile device support issues, increase uptake of more services and improve customer satisfaction with their phones and tablets.

The Device Guides solution is built around Mobilethink’s unique database of information on more than 90,000 devices specified in conjunction with the GSMA and over 120 manufacturers. This information is provided through interactive guides and comprehensive documentation to call center agents, retail staff, and end users via online support to resolve problems more quickly, improve customer experience, and provide faster access to higher value services.

“With our commitment to delivering best value, best network and best service to customers across the globe, we are constantly implementing new ways to improve our customer satisfaction; the Mobilethink Device Guides will contribute to this,” said Kerri-Ann Mitchell, head of market programs at Digicel Group. “The solution is intuitive and easy to understand and we believe it can help to maximize the potential of our device base.”

The Device Guide solution will provide full support for mobile access, so end users can access the problem-solving information directly, as well as contacting customer service. Device Guides also supports custom content and multiple channels, so Digicel can quickly add additional content for specific media, such as Facebook or other services.

“The decision to select Spirent was based on how effectively our Device Guides support Digicel’s objective to provide the best network, value, and services to the communities it serves,” said Lars Houbak, general manager of Spirent’s Device Intelligence business unit. “The adoption of Device Guides will help Digicel to improve customer satisfaction significantly with quick problem resolution, and service adoption.”

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