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New Tweakker Multi-APN Setup App Improves Customer Experience and Data Usage for MVNO iOS Subscribers

Crawley, UK, 13: Spirent Communications plc (LSE: SPT) today announced that its Tweakker device intelligence solution, which is used by more than 80 mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) around the world, has released a new version of its unique iOS auto-configuration application. Spirent’s Tweakker now makes the user experience of connecting new data services for Apple devices that do not support standard over-the-air APN setup easier and fully automated.

After exceeding the 1,000,000 setup milestone with the first edition, the upgraded version will enable MVNOs to provide a more intuitive APN setup experience on Apple iOS mobile handsets in scenarios where an MVNO plans to run segmented services for subscribers across several access point names (APNs).

Most mobile devices come with pre-installed APN settings for mobile network operators but not for MVNO networks. As a result, the MVNO subscriber is left to manually self-configure their device. This is a significant business issue if Apple users are unable to access MVNO mobile data services - by far the most important revenue generator - which results in a poor customer welcome experience, increased loads on customer care centers and slows revenue intake.

“Different MVNO services and subscriptions such as 4G, prepaid, postpaid or enterprise are often organized on separate APNs and that complicates APN setup,” said Magnus Møller Petersen, VP of Sales for Spirent’s Tweakker device intelligence. “The new version of Tweakker’s iOS auto-configuration app now solves any APN setup problem in multi-APN networks and provides the end-user an intuitive menu through which the correct APN can be selected.”

According to media outlet The Verge, there are more than 1 billion Apple devices in active use around the world. The vast majority are smartphones and sit on the networks of the main mobile network operators. According also to Tweakker’s global setup traffic data, more than 30% of mobile subscribers entering MVNO services bring an Apple iOS device into the network, making it an important customer segment.

In the new, fully automated setup version of the app, Tweakker’s cloud detects Apple iOS devices entering into an MVNO’s network and automatically sends an iOS auto-configuration message to the customer. The iOS auto-configuration can also be easily triggered by a customer on the MVNO’s self-care web portal, or by a call-center agent using a customer care setup portal. In both scenarios, Tweakker’s cloud service works seamlessly as back-office behind the MVNO’s web portals.

The application can be customized by the MVNO so that the user interface fully reflects the MVNO’s brand and service and subscription naming.

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