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Spirent Supports Elbit Systems in Creating Public Safety LTE Mission-Critical Voice and Video-Enabled Mobile Client

Crawley, 30 March, 2016: Spirent Communications, the leader in VoIP developer solutions, announced today that it has worked with Elbit Systems to create secure mission-critical (MC) mobile clients for use by first responders in public safety applications, based on Spirent’s BEEHD VoLTE multi-platform client framework.

“Elbit Systems is an important partner for Spirent in the emerging broadband public safety MC-PTT standards applications market, and there is a growing interest in deploying compatible systems worldwide”, said Pierre Hagendorf, General Manager of Spirent’s Developer Tools Business Unit. “Public safety applications need very reliable and high quality communications and BEEHD helps developers deliver this, providing full compatibility with the technical standards. Partnership with such a significant player in the industry demonstrates the strength of our capabilities.”

Using BEEHD, Elbit has quickly developed mission-critical mobile applications aligned with 3GPP MC-PTT standards and requirements, as part of their WideBridgeTM Cloud applications suite.

The BEEHD framework is equipped with easy-to-use, high-level application programming interfaces (APIs), an optimized media engine, patented video quality technology, and flexible signaling capabilities. These enable device manufacturers and application developers to reduce time to market while maximizing interoperability and quality.

BEEHD features an industry-standard IMS SIP-based framework that easily integrates with carrier IMS infrastructure to deliver FirstNet-ready mission-critical services. It also offers advanced security encryption, including TLS for SIP signaling and SRTP, and supports other features, such as group calling, push-to-talk (PTT), push-to-video (PTV), and VoLTE GSMA IR92/94 standards compliance.

It is part of a portfolio of solutions that enable service providers, systems manufacturers, device manufacturers, and application developers to build new communications services and features into their solutions. For more information on BEEHD visit: http://www.spirent.com/Solutions/DevTools or http://www.spirent.com/Products/DevTools/PS-LTE.

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