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Spirent and ADVA Optical Networking to Showcase Automated Cell Site Pre-Activation Testing at Mobile World Congress

San Jose, Calif. – February 18, 2016 – Spirent Communications, the leader in networks, services and device testing, today announced a joint demonstration at Mobile World Congress with ADVA Optical Networking, showcasing how network functions virtualization (NFV) can improve pre-activation testing and in-service monitoring. Using this NFV-based approach enables functions such as performance and load testing, system integrity or health checks, and network functions such as routing, firewalling and load balancing to be flexibly instantiated on a mobile edge NFV device. Combining the most advanced test capabilities for mobile networks with the agility of NFV-based application hosting at the cell site creates unprecedented speed and efficiency in cell site activation.

“We’re empowering network operators to greatly improve automation in RAN installation and operation. Combining our latest ADVA FSP 150 ProVM edge devices with Spirent Landslide EDGE software gives network operators a crucial advantage. It enables them to protect their margins while delivering even more coverage and capacity,” commented James Buchanan, GM Ensemble at ADVA Optical Networking. “Our solution delivers market-leading performance testing of both the connectivity network and synchronization signals. Using the comprehensive, unique Ensemble solution suite provides full lifecycle management for Spirent’s Landslide EDGE software appliances. With this blend of proven technology from Spirent and ADVA Optical Networking a clear benchmark for automated RAN provisioning and operation has been set.”

The joint showcase provides an in-depth insight into the way NFV technologies can deliver enormous improvements in cell site activation. Running Spirent Landslide EDGE on the ADVA FSP 150 ProVM mobile edge NFV device enables resources to be used more efficiently. Pre-activation testing minimizes turn-up times and maximizes operational efficiency, reducing time to revenue when turning up new base stations and increasing customer QoE.

“The transition to virtualized networks requires a transformation in the way operators manage their networks. Specifically, operators will have to rethink the way they test and validate their networks.” Said John Baker, GM of the Mobility Infrastructure Business Unit. “The traditional model of a network being tested and validated ahead of commercial launch is no longer adequate, because the network continues to evolve, grow, and be fine-tuned, and because network resources are allocated in real time in response to variable network conditions and subscriber demand. The network becomes a moving target that is more vulnerable to performance variability. Test integration is a must in the maintenance of QoE and SLA expectations."

Unlike competitive products, Spirent Landslide tests the performance and scalability of all points of the Live and Lab wireless network, and the mobile core network, enabling authentication and handover scenarios to be verified, as well as providing quality of experience metrics like network availability, call setup time, call drops and voice quality for network testing.  The solution’s advanced test capability for mobile networks and services, emulates millions of mobile subscribers traversing the network and using a real-world mix of applications and services.  For more information on Spirent Landslide visit: http://www.spirent.com/Products/Landslide

For more information, visit ADVA Optical Networking in Hall 7, Booth 7H31 or stop by the Spirent stand, Hall 6, Booth 6J37 during Mobile World Congress 2016, February 22 – 26.

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