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Spirent Enables Industry to Move Beyond Talk Time to Realistic Battery Life Measures

– Spirent Communications, the leading provider of proactive service assurance solutions, has released Quantum Playback, a solution for automating use case based battery life testing, which is fully-compliant with the pending CTIA battery life standard. With Quantum Playback, device manufacturers and service providers are finally able to move away from increasingly outdated battery life tests such as talk time to tests that reflect realistic user activities like calling, texting, online shopping and streaming video. 

Quantum Playback enables highly realistic test cases to be created rapidly with no scripting or programming required. The user simply installs the Quantum app on any Android device, turns on the activity recorder and performs activities related to a specific test case. This approach enables automation of typical activities including calling, typing and sending a text message or browsing the web and making an online purchase. Once a test case has been created, the Quantum solution automates the testing process to generate battery life and depletion metrics as well as high-resolution power efficiency and current drain measurements. Quantum supports both lab and field environments to ensure the most realistic test results.

“Smartphone users are frustrated by poor battery life and irrelevant ratings such as talk time,” said Des Owens, general manager of Service Assurance at Spirent. “Quantum Playback’s scripting-free approach to test case automation makes it practical for service providers, device manufacturers and component providers to implement use case based testing to drive improved power optimization and longer battery life. In addition, Quantum Playback’s support for the CTIA battery life tests enables manufacturers and service providers to report consistent, realistic battery life ratings, a win for both the industry and consumers.” 

To learn more about Quantum and Spirent’s suite of solutions for evaluating user experience please visit: http://www.spirent.com/Products/User_Experience_Evaluation.

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