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Spirent Partners with Centec Networks for Joint Testing of Key Carrier and Interconnected Technologies for 5G Networks

Suzhou, China, January 17, 2018 – Spirent Communications has recently helped Centec Networks, a leading provider of Ethernet switching chipset and whitebox solutions for SDN, to complete a joint test of network transmission rate and service foundations for the 5G era, demonstrating a series of proactive carrier and interconnection solutions for 5G networks.

5G services demand higher transmission speed and higher flexibility in transport networking. The joint test focused on validating Interconnection, Fast Re-Route (FRR) and Segment Routing capabilities of Centec E550 Platform under 100G/50G/25G speeds. The test results have demonstrated the outstanding Ethernet switching performance of the Centec E550 platform and how it supports key carrier network technologies for 5G innovation.

With the increasing development of large bandwidth applications like UHD video, network live casting, gaming and VR in the 5G era, network traffic rates will soon jump into the “Post-10GE” age, where 25GE, 50GE and even 100GE will become mainstream rates for network access and aggregation. Facing richer services and more diversified user demands, operators need to make carrier networks more customizable and function-specific. Therefore, SDN architecture will be extensively used in 5G carrier networks. In addition, MPLS label-based segment routing has become the focus of attention for major operators. The flexibility of SDN-oriented service deployments and label-based forwarding architecture provide an effective bridge between traditional service frameworks and new service deployment models, ensuring security and performance while providing rich service flexibility.

The Centec E550 platform, based on DUET2 (CTC7148), demonstrated during the test is the latest generation high performance Ethernet core switching chip. A single DUET2 chip supports 640Gbps of forwarding rate and includes support for new Multi-Gig rates, 10G/25G/40G/50G/100G ports, segment routing, dedicated engine for wireless management protocol CAPWAP and new network security features like MACSec. In parallel with innovative applications, DUET2 continues to provide and enhance the advantages of the chip product family with high cost-effectiveness and low power consumption.

“Centec is dedicated to providing customers with the most competitive and innovative network carrier solutions. Centec chips have been widely deployed in carrier networks by operators around the world, and have been highly praised by our customers. To address new requirements and new challenges, Centec has invested a great deal in research and development. Apart from quick upgrades in basic rates, our application convergence and the practices of SDN concepts also inject new stamina in the development of networks,” says Wang Feng, Marketing Director of Centec Networks. “We are very pleased to work with Spirent to take advantage of the latest chip platform from Centec to demonstrate key technical innovations in network interconnection technologies oriented to 5G. We are expecting these technologies to make contributions to the deployment and development of 5G services in the near future.”

The test used Spirent TestCenter network performance tester with the DX3-100GQ-T12 multi-rate testing module, which provides the highest density in the industry. The DX3-100GQ-T12 Quint-speed testing module supports 12 100G or 40G ports, 24 50G ports, 48 25G or 10G ports per slot, and key interface features like BASE-R FEC, RS-FEC, Auto-negotiation and Link Training. It also supports testing of traditional routing/switching/access protocols and new SDN technologies like OpenFlow and segment routing, providing comprehensive tests for high-density routers, switches and mobile carrier network products.

“China is leading the world in investment for 5G mobile communications resulting in the early advancements and breakthroughs in 5G network technologies. Spirent has been investing extensive R&D resources for the testing of carrier networks, air interfaces and core network technologies for 5G,” says Ma Lin, Senior Sales Director in China, Spirent Communications. “This joint test with Centec Networks is a significant achievement for Spirent Communications in 5G carrier network testing. Spirent continues to work closely with chipset vendors, equipment vendors and operators to advance the development of 5G networks.”

For more information about Spirent TestCenter solutions, please visit our website.

About Centec Networks

Centec Networks provides innovative switching silicon and white box solutions that improve SDN deployment while empowering it for carrier, enterprise and data center networks. Leveraging a high-performance open SDN architecture, Centec enables seamless migration from the traditional L2, L3 and MPLS/MPLS-TP architecture to the new SDN era while solving some of SDN’s biggest challenges. Centec and its customers are redefining the future of network switching.

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