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Spirent 아카데미아 프로그램은 지속적으로 발전하는 커뮤니케이션 부문 내의 연구 및 혁신을 위해 대학 파트너십을 구축하는 글로벌 이니셔티브입니다.


We at Spirent are proud to be market leaders in whatever we do, and we want to keep it that way. Working with Academics allows us to see beyond the imminent market need and equips us with the right knowledge and people to support our customers with their future product development needs.

This can only happen through a healthy mechanism bridging the gap between applied research at universities and industrial innovation developed at Spirent.

The academia Program does exactly that.

About Spirent Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) technology is driving the world’s most advanced applications. Whether you are looking for robustness in the face of interference, or improved performance in challenging environments, Spirent’s flexible test solutions enable you to assure the accuracy, integrity, continuity, and reliability your customer’s demand.

Academia Program 1

Academia Program

The aim of the Spirent Academia Program is to collaborate with universities worldwide, in a range of research, product development and product innovation partnerships. Joining forces with universities expands the capabilities of knowledge and growth within the PNT GNSS testing sector.

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Academia Program 2

Academia Opportunities

The PT Academia Program offers 3 levels of opportunities; the Bronze Entry Level Partnership, Silver Collaborative Research Partnership, and Gold Sponsored Lab Partnership.

Academia Program 3

Kickstarting your career

As well as research partnerships, the Spirent Academia Program creates sustainable relationships with students offering industry experience and career development opportunities through internship, placement, and graduate role opportunities through our early careers program.

Academia Program 4