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High-Speed Ethernet Newsletter March 2024


Your guide to best practices and the latest technology from Spirent to test and assure tomorrow’s devices and networks.

Industry’s First AI Traffic Emulation Platform for Ethernet

Spirent announced the industry’s first high-density test solution capable of emulating realistic Artificial Intelligence workloads over Ethernet. As the networking world’s technology of choice, Ethernet is the backbone of the Cloud and the ability to emulate realistic AI traffic workloads and test their impact on AI data center networks and interconnects is key. Read news on how Spirent is helping data centers reimagine their architectures for AI.

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Spirent Lets Telcos Take Ethernet for an AI Test Drive

Fierce Telecom sat down with Aniket Khosla, Spirent’s VP of Wireline Product Management to discuss how Spirent is helping customers emulate AI workloads over Ethernet to ensure rapidly evolving high-speed Ethernet technology meets next-gen AI networking needs with highly realistic, lab-based testing and validation.

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AI Ushers in New Era of HSE Complexity for Data Centers

AI/ML applications are driving new levels of high-speed Ethernet complexity for hyperscale data centers. Learn why emulation and validation tests are essential for ensuring new technologies perform as expected.

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The Impact of AI Workloads in the Data Center

The AI data center journey is just beginning and will change dramatically as AI evolves. To successfully support AI’s rapid growth, data centers and the high-speed networks they rely on must transform intelligently along a path filled with uncertainties. Read our blog post on the key drivers behind this transformation.

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