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Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update from Spirent - June 2022

Throughout the pandemic the safety of our employees, customers, and partners has always been our top priority. This continues to be so as COVID-19 global health, regulatory conditions, and restrictions remain fluid across the world.

To manage the on-going risks and challenges posed by the pandemic, and to ensure safe working environments at all our locations, we:

  • Encourage all employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and booster as soon as possible, based upon the availability of the vaccine and vaccination eligibility guidelines in their location

  • Initiated a return to on-site work in April 2022 for most employees globally, where it was safe to do so, regardless of vaccination status

  • Implemented Vaccination Certification for North American and UK employees

  • Clearly communicated site safety measures and protocols for employees and visitors

  • Established flexible working to help employees adhere to enforced social distancing while on-site

  • Continued to utilize our ‘Exposure Notification’ process, aligned with local privacy and health regulations, to highlight and track possible COVID-19 exposure

  • Partnered with mobility platform providers in applicable countries to deliver automated health screening for employees, contractors, and visitors

  • Increased the number of temperature screening devices at our facilities

  • Restricted non-essential business travel

We will continue to monitor the situation on a country-by-country basis. We remain committed to ensuring a safe work environment for all our employees and helping our customers innovate faster, deliver flawless user experiences, and reduce costs.

Eric Updyke 
CEO, Spirent 

Q&A for Spirent and COVID-19

Q: Is Spirent support impacted by COVID-19 and does Spirent expect continued disruption to Operations? 

A: Because of the policies and measures we put into place at the start of the pandemic, we have experienced minimal disruption to our supply chain, and our support centers and global offices have remained operational. We continue to deliver service for our customers and partners. 

Q:  Are engineers still working? Will there be a delay in problem resolutions? 

A:  Engineers are still working and continue to minimize any delay in resolving customer issues. 

Q: Are you still providing on-site support? 

A: Yes, although within the context of regional and country-specific restrictions, which are changing in real-time. On-site support requests continue to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to make sure customer issues are resolved as quickly as possible, while considering the well-being of our employees, customers, and partners. 

Q: Does Spirent have any solutions that can be accessed remotely to help during this time? 

A: Yes, Spirent does offer remote options. Please contact your Spirent sales representative or email support@spirent.com for more information.  

Q: What travel policies do you have in place with respect to your employees to ensure their safety and to prevent the spread of COVID-2019? 

A: Business travel is restricted and only allowed for critical internal and external business operations.

Q: For those vendors who supply us with a contingent workforce or have contractors who may regularly visit our facilities, what policies do you have in place to ensure that such individuals do not put our workforce at risk? 

A: We are working with all vendors, who supply us with contingent workforce or contractors that regularly visit customer facilities, to make sure they are following the same rigorous guidelines. We are guided at all times by regional and country-specific restrictions and legislation, and constantly review all safety measures to ensure they follow the latest guidelines.

Q: As a customer, if I have any further questions, who should I direct these to? 

A: Please contact your Spirent sales representative or email support@spirent.com. 

Q: As a partner, if I have any further questions, who should I direct these to? 

A: Please contact your local Channel Manager.