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CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment: Hardening enterprise cybersecurity posture with automatic remediation techniques


Blog - CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment: Hardening enterprise cybersecurity posture with automatic remediation techniques

Read about how Spirent CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment can help in validating enterprise network infrastructure security postures.

Enterprises historically have put in place very stringent and, at times, complex processes and practices in order to satisfy their cybersecurity mandates. The requirements and pervasiveness for these policies have grown dramatically due to the frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, as well as the demand that malicious attackers put on their targets. Aiming for technologies that can reduce the rising cost of discovering and mitigating attacks can close the gap in achieving present and future security strength.

According to Gartner, worldwide spending on information security products and services in 2019 is forecasted to grow by 8.7% to $124 billion. In addition, another report by Accenture shows dramatic increases in number of security breaches (+11% in the last year and +67% in the last 5 years), as well as significant increase in average cost of cybercrime (+12% in the last year and +72% in the last 5 years).

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This information is alarming in at least two ways. First, the sheer amount of money an organization is spending to fight cyber threats is the money that could have been spent on enterprise primary research, development and productization projects. Secondly, the current trajectory for frequency and economic cost of malicious attacks will continue to outpace IT security expenditure by a wide margin for most organizations. Needless to say, organizations faced with tremendous pressure coming from ever-growing attacks are putting more complex processes and practices in place. Regardless of the approach, the primary goal of these processes and practices is detecting and mitigating ever-evolving threats directed at the enterprise. Currently, these practices and policies are mainly people-driven and would not be able to keep pace or even be able to maintain its effectiveness at the rate that threats are targeting enterprises. The ever-evolving threat landscape has made stand-alone solutions ineffective for today’s organizations and it demands new approaches to close the enterprise threat gaps. It is evident that there is no single approach for enterprises to follow for improving their overall cybersecurity protection. However, investigating current cybersecurity budgeting/expenditure as well as technology trends could be revealing.

  • The ever-expanding threat landscape and emergence of new innovations is leading to increased cyberattacks with heavier costs and adverse consequences for organizations. This demands solutions that are not platform-centric and can validate security effectiveness with the latest attack and evasion techniques on a continuous basis.

  • The emphasis that organizations place on digital transformation activities has brought about complex enterprise infrastructure that does not lend itself to manual investigation, inspection and mitigations. As the complexity of enterprise infrastructure and cybersecurity increases, an integrated and automated solution that can provide contextual and actionable cybersecurity intelligence is needed.

Spirent CyberFlood (CF) Data Breach Assessment

CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment is a continual security validation solution for enterprises. CF Data Breach Assessment creates assessment scenarios from a database of tens of thousands of always up-to-date attacks, malware and applications. Everything from emulation of latest attacks and malwares to data exfiltration phases can be validated, as well as integration with security, event and incident tracking solutions. CF Data Breach Assessment provides actionable insights into the health of enterprise security posture on an incidental or continual basis. The visibility gained by safely assessing security policies can help in cybersecurity risk assessments. The latest innovations of CF Data Breach Assessment can improve an organization’s defense posture through the following capabilities:

  • When creating an assessment, the user can select from over 50,000 scenarios – creating the right plan is important.

Create attack vector

  • What happens when an event is triggered? The remediation action automatically provides security policy guidance for unmitigated events. CF Data Breach Assessment can provide specific signature settings for unmitigated events that can be applied directly via launching into the interface of the specific security platform admin console.

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As CF Data Breach Assessment continues to evolve, users will have better visibility than ever before of their security posture under a multitude of “what if” conditions. In addition to the CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment solution, Spirent’s SecurityLabs services can assist directly to ensure an efficient and accurate installation of CF Data Breach Assessment solution in network deployments if customers decide to do so.

Please visit us at www.spirent.com to learn more about how Spirent CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment can help in validating enterprise network infrastructure security postures.

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Reza Saadat
Reza Saadat

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Application and Security Group

Reza Saadat is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Spirent in the Applications and Security group, with over 25 years of experience in computers and data communication technologies. At Spirent, Reza works with the Product Management, Engineering and Sales teams to bring to market new, cutting-edge applications and security testing solutions for network equipment manufacturers, enterprises, and service providers. His in-depth industry, market and software development knowledge as well as collaborative design and development skills have resulted in the creation of numerous  hardware and software solutions, which have been successfully released at companies such as IBM Corp, Cisco Systems and many more.