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Automotive Ethernet testing – Automation leaves no room for errors


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An AUTOSAR ARXML file parser is available for the Spirent TestCenter software suite used by the automotive industry to test Autonomous systems.

Autonomous systems require automated processes, thus Spirent has developed an AUTOSAR ARXML file parser for the Spirent TestCenter software suite. This enables engineers to concentrate on testing the network instead of typing in a 12-character MAC address a 100 times.

Being able to automatically generate hundreds of devices and streams by just importing an AUTOSAR ARXML file ensures continuous improvements around Ethernet testing and development. Spirent can also provide the source code for this parser to enable customers to update and modify the automation to add OEM specific VLAN security features and functions for increased flexibility and ease of use.

The AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) partnership is an alliance in which Global OEMs, suppliers, tool providers and semiconductor companies work together to develop and establish an open de facto standard for automotive electric/electronic (E/E) architectures. Managing the growing E/E component complexity is another important aspect of their work. The goal of AUTOSAR is to fulfill future vehicle requirements, such as availability, safety, software upgrades/updates and maintainability, as well as increased scalability.

The core partners include 9 key players:

The support from around 195 organizations partnering together help build a framework for intelligent mobility.

The below screenshot shows the user interface of Spirent TestCenter and where the ARXML Parser tool can be found.

Autosar dialog screen

For more information on Spirent TestCenter visit: https://www.spirent.com/Products/TestCenter

To learn more about Spirent’s Automotive solutions visit: https://www.spirent.com/Automotive

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Jeff Warra
Jeff Warra

As a Business Development Engineering at Spirent, Mr. Warra works on developing the next advancements in the connected vehicle landscape for the automotive, aerospace and off-highway sectors. Jeff has over 18 years of experience in the engineering field at Tier 1, OEM and test equipment manufacturers. Jeff has become a specialist on advanced technologies and has held various positions in the industry from development, test, applications and project engineering. Being focused on safety critical systems early in his career has allowed him to build a solid foundation on electrical and software engineering principles and practices.