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Unlock the Potential of IoT with Network Virtualization


Network carriers are undergoing two large shifts in the way they operate—and how you navigate these changes will have a critical bearing on your future success.

On the one hand, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) are helping providers move from proprietary, closed hardware and software solutions to commodity hardware, open-source software, and virtual networks. At the same time, Internet of Things (IoT) devices bring new applications, services, and revenue streams to the market. And with them come a host of new challenges and opportunities.

This paper examines these trends, and explores how successfully deploying virtualized networks could help you to overcome the challenges of IoT, and successfully deploy innovative new connected applications and services.

It’s based on Spirent’s 20+ years of working with the world’s largest telecoms operators, network equipment manufacturers and device manufacturers to test and assure the complete network deployment lifecycle.

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