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Testing Automotive Ethernet PHY

Critical New Test Challenges Facing Developers of Connected Vehicles


The next few years will see significant sustained growth in the extent and importance of Ethernet networking in vehicles. The industry is converging upon 100BASET1/1000BASE-T1 as its preferred PHYsical standard, and the benefits of 2-wire Ethernet cabling over conventional technologies are simply too great to ignore.

Ethernet presents the automotive industry with an entirely new challenge that could prove catastrophic for safety, reliability and brand reputation: network security. Making Ethernet the backbone of a vehicle’s network exposes critical performance and safety systems to the risk of attack, thus bringing automotive into the frontline of the rapidly evolving world of IT security.

This white paper aims to give anyone with a responsibility for ensuring the quality of the next-generation of vehicles a high-level, functional overview of the key issues involved.

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