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Quality and Automation: Where Business and Testing Intersect—Q&A for Quality Assurance


The only way to minimize the impact of poor quality on the bottom line is to be proactive and prevent it in the first place. To do so, executives must change their mindset. They need to stop viewing QA organizations as a necessary cost center and start viewing QA as part of their business strategies—similar to the way organizations began viewing IT as a strategic element over a decade ago. This requires taking a step back, assessing their QA organizations, to determine how to empower them. The leadership must take time to focus on the goals and challenges of the business as a whole. Above all, this means QA teams must have the tools and processes needed to be more effective.

This paper takes an executive-level look at:

  • Quality issues

  • How real-world organizations solve Quality issues

  • Results they achieved

  • A proven approach to automated testing

  • Strategy for successfully aligning the quality goals of both QA organizations and executives

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