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Overcoming T&M, Assurance Challenges in 5G Networks

For all of the benefits that 5G promises, operators are faced with a stark reality: 5G networks introduce challenges not experienced with other iterations of cellular technology. Spectrum issues, network densification, network slicing and virtualization are just a few of the complications that 5G operators face as they plan and build networks, driving a need for operators to incorporate assurance, test and measurement of networks now and throughout subsequent stages of 5G deployment.

This Light Reading white paper, co-sponsored by Spirent and VIAVI, examines the extensive differences in how 5G networks are designed, as well as the types of applications and services that will run across those networks, highlighting ways in which the application of assurance, test and measurement differs from network buildouts of the past, as well as illustrating how such solutions can benefit operators as they deploy 5G. It examines important areas of focus and new methodologies for 5G test, including 5G NR, Massive MIMO, beamforming, mmWave and multi-access edge computing. The impact of virtualization on 5G buildouts is examined, including virtualization of radio, core, Control & User Plane Separation (CUPS) and network slicing.

Additionally, it examines how automation will impact 5G, with a focus on service agility, DevOps, service assurance, service orchestration and analytics. Furthermore, the paper explores how assurance, test and measurement can be utilized to generate revenue and create new services on 5G networks.

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