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Performance Testing - Getting the Most from Today’s Encryption Capabilities


Business today are demanding that applications transmit data securely using some form of encryption (e.g. SSL/TLS or IPsec). Whether traffic is encrypted to harden an organization’s security posture, meet compliance requirements, or both, at least half of today’s Internet traffic is now encrypted.

Technology vendors have stepped up, delivering encryption capabilities as part of their solutions. When looking at web traffic  it has also evolved, moving from HTTP clear text to HTTPS and now to the next version of Transport Layer Security (TLS)—standard 1.3. Evolution to TLS 1.3 improves security and performance for network traffic, but it also brings challenges.

Encrypted traffic increases security but reduces visibility into what is actually traversing the infrastructure. Inspecting traffic streams or network packets takes computational heavy lifting and specialized tools, and it often introduces undesired latency or other performance hits. So how can an enterprise make the best decisions about balancing protection with network and application performance?

This paper provides insight into security performance testing that enables an enterprise to determine whether an encryption solution being considered will deliver the expected results when deployed on the enterprise’s own networks. It describes why there is a need to test, measure, validate, and deploy prospective security solutions using real-world traffic flows and obtain realistic intelligence, enabling an enterprise to preempt threats and protect its assets.

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