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Firewall Testing White Paper—Securing your App-Aware Network


Enterprises have suffered damaging lawsuits as a result of security breaches. With the new breed of Nex-Gen Firewalls, the problem becomes more complex than just installing a security solution. Testing is the key to effective application-aware network security, but inadequate testing causes more problems than not testing, by creating a false sense of security. A test platform with the power to create realistic tests and the use of industry best-practices, allow organizations to test and deploy security solutions with confidence.

It’s easy to see how big this issue is when the cost of businesses exposing data such as Social Security and credit-card numbers climbed 7% last year to an average of $7.2 million per incident.

With the right test platform, your network can be modeled in the test lab. Placing a new device in your network could expose limits in the device or, potential security risks in your network. That is critical information you should learn through testing before purchase and certainly before deployment, not through downtime due to unexpected issues or failures.

This white paper helps understand the true value of application-aware security, the importance of lab testing, and deciding on the proper platform.

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