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Accelerate 5G - Applying Strategic Testing to Meet 5G’s Compressed Timeline


Part 2 of our 3-part series on Best practices for delivering the promise of 5G.

This second in the Spirent 5G testing series explains how operators can accelerate 5G innovation (R&D) and time-to-market of new services by leveraging new approaches to 5G Network Validation, DevOps Continuous Testing, and 5G Cybersecurity testing.

Topics covered include:

  • Guidelines for accelerating into 5G making sure you are ready, agile and secure

  • Recommended test practices for accelerating 5G innovation (R&D) and time to market of new services:

    • Network Validation and migration

    • DevOps Continuous testing

    • 5G Cyber-Security test and continuous auditing strategy

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