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Fundamentals of GPS Threats

How the growing threats to satellite navigation signals can impact your critical systems, and what to do about it.

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Satellite navigation signals from space are precariously weak, and can easily be blocked, damaged or compromised by a growing array of threats - including solar activity, man-made interference, malicious faking of GPS signals, and the manipulation of position and timing information.

GNSS Vulnerabilities

As we come to rely more and more on GNSS signals and data across a wide range of industries, understanding and mitigating against these threats will become a critical risk management activity for manufacturers, systems and applications providers, and end-users.

This white paper is for people responsible for understanding the risk factors affecting GNSS-reliant systems, and for ensuring that appropriate steps are taken to mitigate them. In it you will find:

  • An introduction to the different threats to GNSS, and how these are evolving

  • Some guidance on evaluating the susceptibility of your systems to GNSS threats

  • An overview of some of the most effective techniques available to mitigate the risk of GNSS outages, errors and/or cyber-attacks on your critical systems

  • An introduction to Spirent’s GNSS threat assessment and mitigation services

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