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5G Impact on Wireless Device Testing Requirements

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Few technologies have arrived with more fanfare and greater promise than 5G. But delivering on those promises won’t be quick and easy. For operators and device manufacturers, 5G is introducing a brand-new technology that uses more spectrum bands and fundamentally different core and radio network architectures vs. 4G. All of that creates a steep learning curve riddled with complexity. 5G deployment will be an evolution, and its ramp will demand agility as the 5G industry standards continue to evolve.

As carriers and device manufacturers are ramping up, new technical challenges are appearing that may not have even been considered, since the approach to testing 5G requirements is drastically different.

In this on-demand webinar, learn about 5G application-driven network performance requirements, key focus areas for testing, both expected and unexpected test challenges, and how to assure you’re prepared for what lies ahead.

Featured Speakers

Jagadeesh Dantuluri, Sr Director, 5G Product Management, Spirent Communications
Elizabeth Bin Yan, Senior Product Manager, Spirent Communications

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