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Understanding 5G Location Technologies and Testing GNSS & Hybrid Positioning

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In this webinar, Spirent takes a look at the many aspects of satellite and cellular-assisted positioning technologies required for location-aware devices, applications, and services. We discuss requirements across standards bodies and carriers, capabilities needed to assure superior performance and accuracy, the challenges associated with comprehensive testing, and solutions to address these testing challenges.

Topics covered:

  • Quick glance at a 5G Network Digital Twin

    • The value of emulation/simulation environments to validate performance of 5G and location services

  • A focus on location technologies at an educational level

    • What is GNSS?

      • Update on GNSS technology, including L1 and L5 bands

      • Different testing approaches

      • GNSS + other sensors

      • Vulnerabilities testing

      • Realistic testing environment

    • What is assisted GNSS?

      • Hybrid technologies

      • 3GPP, FCC and carrier specifications

      • Implications for E911

    • 5G considerations for positioning

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