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Ensuring Performance with a Network Digital Twin


As government speeds towards digital transformation, the Defense and National Security communities are seeking new technologies and innovations that deliver battlefield advantages and enhance national safety and security. And as these technologies become more complex, it also becomes more challenging to ensure reliable and secure communications across joint force devices and networks at every turn – on land, at sea, in air, and space.

The implementation of a Network Digital Twin, an emulated end-to-end software replica of the physical network or particular aspects of it, provides a cost-effective and flexible environment that can efficiently and proactively model, test, and validate key functions and services needed for mission-critical communications. It can accelerate deployment, reduce risks by testing “what if” scenarios, optimize decision making by modeling unlimited configurations and combinations, and continuously improve reliability by identifying design weaknesses and mitigation opportunities.

Watch this webinar to explore how technologies such as 5G and Open RAN are evolving and how a Network Digital Twin can ensure their performance before being deployed in the most demanding field environments.

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