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5G에 필요한 대량 스몰 셀 배치의 어려움 해결하기

더 많은 활성화. 줄어든 배포. 더 빨라진 ROI.


Tier-1 Service Provider Achieves Ten-Fold Improvement in Small Cell Turn-up and SLA Management Through Automated Solution

Every day, operators make a promise to deliver high quality mobile services to their customers. 5G raises expectations of consumers—and the bar for service providers. 5G business cases call for dense wireless coverage for millions of connections and low latency. The only way to assure that millions of small cells and backhaul links will meet service level agreements (SLAs) at turn-up and during live operation afterwards is to perform continuous active testing of the links via an automated approach. Traditional manual testing methods are simply impractical for current and future needs.

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