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시간 민감형 네트워킹(TSN) 플레이북

테스트 사례 및 방법론


While Ethernet is the most wide-spread networking technology employed, it inherently operates on a best effort basis to deliver packets across a network. Ethernet Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Standards enable Ethernet to become a deterministic networking technology:

  • Synchronization of network elements: end-points, switches and gateways
  • Controlled and accountable delay (latency)
  • Prioritization of traffic classes
  • Guaranteed bandwidth reservation
  • Redundancy TSN is made up of many standards that have been and are being developed exclusively to tackle different issues and functionalities.

This playbook provides an overview of the various Time-Sensitive Networking protocols and step by step instructions on how to test different use cases using Spirent solutions.

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