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도시 환경에서 다중 경로 및 암흑화를 극복하는 방법


Many modern applications and devices rely on continuous, accurate GNSS reception for various critical functions. However, urban environments pose challenges for GNSS reception, such as signal obscuration and multipath, which can impact the receiver's performance. Traditional testing methods like live-sky testing, record and playback, and statistical modeling are no longer sufficient for today's GNSS-dependent applications, leading to potential performance issues in real-world scenarios.

Developers and integrators of GNSS receivers must understand how their products perform in urban environments with signal obscuration and multipath interference. Obscuration occurs when satellite signals are blocked by buildings or terrain, leading to fewer visible satellites for accurate position calculations. Multipath, on the other hand, results from signals being reflected and diffracted by objects in the environment, causing variations in signal propagation time and degrading receiver accuracy. 

To address the growing demand for continuous and reliable GNSS reception in urban environments, realistic simulation of multipath and obscuration is essential. This eBook emphasizes the importance of understanding how GNSS devices handle these effects to ensure optimal performance. Key applications relying on GNSS in urban environments include smartphones, wearables, and advanced driver assistance systems. 

Traditional testing methods are becoming inadequate due to practicality, cost, time, and realism limitations. To meet the performance requirements of modern systems integrators and OEMs, GNSS receiver developers need a solution that offers realistic 3D environment modeling and signal propagation simulation. 

Spirent's Sim3D is introduced as the first multipath and obscuration simulation solution capable of meeting these emerging demands. By providing highly-configurable 3D environment modeling and accurate signal propagation simulation, Sim3D enables developers to assess receiver performance in various urban scenarios with signal obscuration and multipath interference, ensuring robust and reliable GNSS reception for critical applications. 

Learn more about Spirent Sim3D, an innovative 3D modelling solution that:

  • Creates a realistic environment for the testing of multipath and obscuration effects

  • Allows users to choose environments from deep urban to dense forest

  • Employs ray-tracing to visualize multipath

  • Regulates all aspects of the signal according to environmental interactions

Download our eBook today to ensure high precision positioning performance and GNSS accuracy of your PNT product.

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