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사실적인 GNSS 기록 및 재생을 통해 제품 개발을 향상하는 방법


GNSS record & playback systems (RPS) have become essential in professional GNSS testbeds, offering advantages over live signal field testing, including better control, repeatability, cost-effectiveness, and faster time to market. While not a complete substitute for simulation or field testing, RPS provides a combination of realism and repeatability ideal for verification.

The technology has evolved significantly to meet the demands of emerging use cases in the GNSS-based systems: 

1. RTK Error Correction: RTK is a differential technique that enhances GNSS positioning data accuracy to centimeter-level by mitigating atmospheric error. This opens new opportunities for GNSS use in various applications. 

2. Multi-Antenna Applications: To achieve greater position and navigation accuracy, emerging applications like autonomous vehicles use two GNSS antennas instead of one, adding redundancy and improving heading estimations. 

3. Signals of Opportunity: Many positioning systems rely on multiple signals from geolocated cellular base stations, Wi-Fi access points, and Bluetooth beacons to calculate position accurately. 

4. In-Vehicle Networking: Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) use multiple sensors for features like lane departure warnings and collision avoidance. RPS can record additional data inputs during test drives, providing engineers with a comprehensive understanding of vehicle position and dynamics during replay in the lab. 

Spirent's GSS6450 is a highly portable, high-fidelity RPS designed to meet the demands of these emerging use cases. As demand grows for receivers with centimeter-level accuracy, RPS technology continues to advance to support increasingly sophisticated, diverse, and critical GNSS-based systems. 

In this eBook we look at:

  • The need for dynamic realism in PNT lab testing

  • Emerging use cases of GNSS record & playback test tools

  • Capabilities that enhance the value and utility of GNSS RPS for designers and developers - such as the recording of RTK error correction messages

Download this eBook to learn how to use GNSS record & playback to test your GNSS receiver, optimise your product development and get your PNT product to market faster.

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