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5G Standalone and the Race for New Revenue

The Pivotal Role of Testing

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5G is here – at long last. But arriving is not synonymous with complete. The costs involved in bringing 5G to the market have been immense. Basic 5G service revenues are not enough to justify this massive investment. The 5G ecosystem of service providers and network and device vendors is now pivoting to 5G Standalone to layer on value-added services and deliver on 5G’s promise to grow revenues.

5G Standalone’s unique ability to deliver applications with differentiated performance levels at scale is key to achieving the new revenue required for 5G to become profitable for the industry. The race is on to launch new applications that are only possible with 5G Standalone and the cloud architecture and 5G Core which power it – Fixed Wireless Access, mobile and cloud gaming and private networks, to name a few.

The complexity of 5G Standalone’s new cloud architecture requires new skills and a move to more efficient continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) practices enabled by continuous testing (CT) methodologies. With skills, resources, and time in short supply, ecosystem players are considering how partners can fill critical gaps to accelerate the transformation required by 5G Standalone. Providers that can effectively partner to address these needs will have a major advantage in the race to new revenue. Those that fail to address gaps quickly run the risk of falling behind and ultimately being left standing alone.

Backed by case studies from our cutting-edge work with Rakuten Mobile, DISH, Telefónica and other 5G leaders, this eBook provides the background you’ll need to adjust your test and assurance practices to keep pace with 5G Standalone’s modern architecture and rapid deployment methodologies. The eBook explains the need for a new world of test and assurance consisting of automated, cloud-native solutions that span the lab-to-live lifecycle, delivering the continuous testing and monitoring foundation required for 5G Standalone success.

To learn more, download the eBook.

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