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Tracking Down GPS Interference and Performance Issues for Aston Martin Racing


Motorsport teams like Aston Martin Racing can make more informed decisions – and win more races – using precise GPS data.

However, like anyone putting GPS at the heart of a system, they need to know it’s reliable. And throughout the 2015 season, AMR – along with other teams – experienced intermittent reliability issues with its GPS readings, despite extensive experimentation with antenna positioning.

As AMR’s technical partner, Spirent were happy to lend their expertise. This case study details the ways in which we helped AMR to track down and eliminate issues with their GPS readings. It also explains:

  • Why GPS data is so important in motorsport, and the ways in which it is used

  • The three steps Spirent took to identify potential issues with GPS readings

  • Why the motorsport industry needs to consider robustness and mitigation against deliberate and accidental jamming

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