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A Panoramic GNSS Testing Environment for a New Chapter in High Positioning Tests


The customer provides centimeter-level positioning, millimeter-level awareness and nanosecond-level timing services. Its products and solutions cover intelligent vehicles, intelligent infrastructure, precision agriculture, intelligent transportation and safety surveillance. In the development and research process, emulation testing environments is needed as an alternative to drive testing for iterative tests on its products and solutions. The current challenges include:

  1. Real-world field testing lacks flexibility and is not capable of defining and controlling the multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS signals;

  2. Simulator-based lab testing environments are too simple to reflect obscurations and multipath effects on signals in real-world environment;

  3. In high precision positioning tests, there is few lab approaches for the distribution of differential data or for the recording of GNSS signals and field differential data;

  4. Drive tests in real-world environments consume a great amount of manpower and resources but with low efficiency. When receiving devices malfunction, GNSS signals can not be replicated;

  5. Current GNSS spoofing and interference test cases are insufficient in the assessment of positioning security for receivers.

Key Requirements

  • Flexible and controllable GNSS signals with high pseudorange accuracy and signal stability are required for high precision lab tests; A more comprehensive testing solution is urgently needed for the emulation of obscuration and multipath effects in real-world environments;

  • An alternative solution to drive tests is needed for high fidelity replication of the GNSS signals in real-world drive tests and for synchronizing recording and playback of differential data and GNSS signal;

  • Security in positioning has become a focused direction for testing by the customer, including anti-interference and anti-spoofing capabilities.

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