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The Automotive Engineer’s Guide to Testing Positioning Technologies

The Automotive Engineer’s GNSS Test Handbook is a practical guide to testing in-vehicle systems that rely on satellite signals for all or part of their positioning and navigation functionality.

Download it now to discover the latest expert advice from Spirent in the areas of:

  • Emerging applications for in-vehicle navigation and positioning technologies

  • Using radio-frequency (RF) simulation for faster and more reliable testing

  • Generating and running test scenarios with a GPS/GNSS simulator and control software

  • Testing hybrid positioning systems (combining GNSS, sensors, A-GNSS, cellular and/or WiFi)

  • How real-world automotive manufacturers are using RF simulation today

  • Capturing a ‘live’ satellite signal environment for replay in the lab

Packed with useful information, the Automotive Engineer’s GNSS Test Handbook is a solid guide to using RF simulation and GNSS record & playback to accelerate and improve automotive navigation system testing. It’s designed for test engineers, test analysts and project managers working for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 navigation system suppliers.

Download your copy now by filling in the form on the right—and happy testing!

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